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The Ultimate Wedding Guide in the Philippines

The Ultimate Wedding Guide in the Philippines

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After you say “yes” and before you can say “I do,” every bride and groom-to-be in the Philippines must undergo the wedding planning stage. Planning a wedding in the Philippines is different from the weddings you see on western television shows not only because we have different suppliers and vendor procedures, but also because of the traditions and processes that come with Philippine weddings.

For instance, planning a wedding isn’t like what you see in Bride Wars or Say Yes to the Dress. In a traditional Filipino wedding, you have to list down your ninongs and ninangs to stand as wedding sponsors. You also have to collect all the necessary documents to obtain a marriage license and schedule it so it doesn’t expire before your actual wedding day. And then you have to choose between hosting a wedding during peak wedding season when venues and vendors are more expensive or during the off-season when the risk of a very hot or very rainy season ruining your outdoor wedding plans.

So, before you can see your dream wedding come to life, you’ll have to get through the planning. Welcome to’s ultimate wedding planning guide to planning a wedding This list features everything you need to know about how to plan a wedding so you can create your big day that you’ll never want to forget.



Not all brides and grooms are blessed with an unlimited budget for their happy day. Before they begin wedding planning, the practical couple should always set a realistic wedding budget that won’t break the bank.

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Wedding Planner

Enjoy your wedding day and skip the heavy load of wedding planning logistics. A good wedding planner will be godsend, depending on the type of wedding you’re planning. Here’s how to choose and what kind of wedding planner services you need.

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Wedding Requirements

Whether you’re getting married in a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony, take note of the papers you and your partner will need to have a legally-binding wedding. In both types of weddings, a valid marriage license is required

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Church Wedding Requirements

Civil Wedding Requirements


Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venues

One of the first things you need to book before booking any other vendor. Choose a ceremony and reception venue you and your partner will love to celebrate and can accommodate everyone you want present on your special day.

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Ceremony & Reception Venues

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Choosing a Wedding Venue


Floral Arrangements

No wedding is ever complete without flowers to decorate your momentous day, from the bridal bouquet down to the flower centerpieces. Here’s how to get the best deal on flowers and other greenery.

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Floral Arrangements


Catering & Food

Don’t let your wedding guests leave hungry on your wedding day. Remember: the better the food, the happier your guests will be. Here’s how to find, choose, and book a caterer.

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Food & Catering


Wedding Cake

Minimalist naked cake or an extravagant multi-tiered wedding cake? Either way, no traditional wedding is complete without a cake to cut during the wedding reception. Choose one that suits your wedding theme and aesthetic.

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Wedding Cake


Photography and Videography

Save the memories of your big day by having photographers and videographers present to capture it on film. You’ll want these memories to last forever, so make sure you’re hiring good vendors with an eye for style.

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Photography and Videography

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Hair and Makeup

Not just for the bride and groom, but for the wedding entourage and maybe the couple’s family members and sponsors, too. Here’s a guide to choosing HMUAs in the Philippines.

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Hair and Makeup


Wedding Fashion

Everyone’s waiting for the bride, but the attire of the groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members of the bridal party matter, too. Here’s a guide to planning out what your party should wear.

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Bridal Party Attire


Wedding Favors and Giveaways

As a token of your appreciation for being there on your big day, wedding favors and giveaways are a good way of thanking your guests for attending. Here are some great wedding favor ideas that your guests will love.

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Wedding Favors

Affordable Wedding Giveaways

Rustic Wedding Giveaways

Garden Wedding Giveaways


Bridal Car

It’s traditional for a bride to arrive in style. Instead of an average car rental, go all-out with these bridal car ideas. But if your ceremony and reception take place in one venue, you can skip this altogether.

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