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Hair and Makeup for Weddings in the Philippines

Hair and Makeup for Weddings in the Philippines

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While some women can be comfortable with doing their own makeup and retouches on their wedding day, some women want the assurance that they’ll look their best on their wedding when they look at their old photos. For that job, hair and makeup artists (HMUAs) offer different kinds of services.

Cost of Hair and Makeup

HMUA package rates can range between P7,500 to P30,000. The price depends on factors like the HMUA’s package deals, the makeup they use (airbrush or traditional), the HMUA’s typical clientele (HMUAs with celebrity clients charge more than small-time HMUAs), and the kind and number of bridal makeup looks to be done.

Additional costs you can expect are the OOT fees, retouching upgrades, and additional heads that aren’t included in the package rates. Hair and makeup for men (more commonly known as “grooming”) is much less expensive at around P800 to P1,500 per head.

Does this sound confusing? If so, here are the terms you’ll need to know when discussing prices with your HMUA.

Terms to Know When Discussing HMUA Rates

You’ll find plenty of HMUAs on Google, Instagram, Facebook, and other places where you can find a referral for a wedding HMUA. When dealing with rates and deals, here are some things you need to know.

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Out-of-town fees (OOT)

For out-of-town weddings, their rates are usually exclusive of transportation or overnight accommodation. Some HMUAs have a fixed rate, while others charge depending on how far away the venue is and how expensive accommodations in the area are.

Package Deals

HMUAs often have group rates for bridal parties. Most packages cover the bride, the groom (if the groom is preparing in the same venue), and around two to five additional heads from the bridal party. Additional heads cost extra.

Retouch and Unli-retouch

Without retouch options, the HMUA will do their job before the ceremony and leave. With retouch, the HMUA will stick around until after the ceremony to do one retouch before the reception. With unli-retouch, they will stick around either for a certain number of hours (usually 3 to 5) and provide as many retouches as necessary. Some rates are inclusive or both, while others require an additional upgrade.

Prenup Makeup

Some rates provide HMUA services for both the prenuptial photoshoot and for the wedding day. Other HMUAs provide this service separately.

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Men’s Grooming

Styling services for men. This is more on hair than makeup, so it is much cheaper for men. Take note that your HMUA will only do the groom and his groomsmen’s styling if they are in the same venue (i.e., getting ready in the same hotel but different room).

“Airbrush” vs. “Traditional”

Airbrush makeup is a relatively new type of makeup where the MUA sprays on the makeup. When used properly, the result is a flawless and natural-looking complexion. Airbrush makeup is also waterproof and can supposedly last up to 15 hours. Traditional makeup, on the other hand, is everyday makeup applied the normal way. More expensive HMUAs are more likely to use high-end makeup with better staying power.

Number of “Looks”

This is the number of times a HMUA can totally change the bride’s hair and makeup instead of a simple retouch. This is for when a bride wants a different hairstyle and makeup for the ceremony and the reception. For instance, a bride may be planning on wearing a flower crown for the wedding but having her hair loose for the reception, which most likely will entail help from a professional to switch from one look to another.

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Bridal Hair and Makeup Package Types and Prices

HMUAs usually offer different packages for brides and their bridal parties. Below are the three most common hair and makeup wedding packages and what they include.

Bridal Package (₱7,500 – ₱30,000)

This is the basic package that includes hair and makeup services from a HMUA for the bride only.

Bridal Party Package (₱4,000 – ₱9,000 per head)

This is the package for all the members of the bridal party and usually includes hair and makeup services for up to 5 additional heads. This can be inclusive of retouches, but this varies by HMUA.

Men’s Grooming (₱800 – ₱1,500 per head)

This is the package for the groom and his groomsmen and usually includes basic grooming services such as hair styling, light makeup, and facial treatments. This can also include retouching, depending on the HMUA.

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These prices may vary depending on the services offered, the distance of travel, and other factors. Make sure to talk to your HMUA about exactly what is included in their package before making any final decisions. And don’t forget to ask if they use high-end makeup products! It can make a big difference in how long it lasts throughout the day.

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How Much to Budget for Hair and Makeup?

When making a wedding budget, determining how much to spend for your wedding hair and makeup can be tricky. Generally, it is recommended that you allocate 10-15% of your overall wedding budget for HMUA services. However, this can vary depending on what services you are looking for and the size of your bridal party.

Some brides choose to have their bridal party chip in to cover the cost of their makeup and hair services, while some choose to pay for it entirely on their own. Regardless, be sure to discuss all payment options with your HMUA before booking them for an event.

Take into account any discounts or add-ons that are offered by your HMUA, as these can save you money in the long run. Also, be sure to have an open conversation about any concerns or special requests you may have so that both parties are on the same page and can work together to provide the best service possible.

You should also consider factors such as the time of day, season, and venue. For example, a beach wedding in summer may require more retouches than an indoor ceremony during the -ber months due to the increased heat and humidity.

When looking at makeup and wedding hairstyles for brides, remember to consider your own personal style and preferences. Some brides prefer simpler looks while others may be looking for more intricate hairstyles and makeup looks. While seemingly small, these changes can make a difference in the final wedding and bridal makeup package price.

HMUA services are an investment for your wedding day; getting quality professionals can make a huge difference in how you look and feel on the big day! Be sure to do your research, read reviews, and ask for recommendations so you can find the right HMUA for you. With the right professional by your side, you’re sure to have a stress-free wedding planning experience. Good luck!

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