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Photography & Videography

Photography & Videography

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Aside from catering, most wedding planners will encourage you to not scrimp on photography services. You might think you can save money by not hiring a photographer and/or videographer and just get your wedding photos from your guests. Your wedding, however, happens once in a lifetime, so when you’re looking back, you’ll want quality photos taken by professionals to capture those moments you’ll want to remember.

Some vendors provide both photography and videography (e.g. Mayad Studios, Manila Photography, Threelogy) while others only provide photography (MangoRED, Dino Lara, Metrophoto) or videography (Jason Magbanua, Bob Nicolas, Ian Cruz Films).


Cost of Photographers and Videographers in the Philippines

Vendors who provide one or both services charge varying rates. Rates can start at P35,000 and can go higher depending on the vendor’s demand, quality, equipment, and package rates.

Jason Magbanua, for example, is a popular videographer who has filmed the weddings of celebrities and high-profile Filipinos. On his website, you’ll find that his rates are high-end as the lowest wedding videography package costs P175,000, with additional costs for a prenup video (P90,000), out-of-town fees (starting at P10,000), and airfare and accommodations for five for farther wedding venues.

For couples with a budget for mid to high-end, videographers like Threelogy provide rates starting at P65,000. Additional costs include pre-nup video (P55,000) and out-of-town fees starting at P5,000.

The same applies to photographers. As much as possible, choose the best photographer and videographer your budget can afford. At the same time, though, don’t choose a vendor based on their name alone. Look at their previous work and see if they’re capable of telling the story you want to tell when you look back at your wedding day.

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