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Lowest Wedding Cost in the Philippines

Lowest Wedding Cost in the Philippines

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So, given all the research we’ve done, around how much will a wedding cost if we choose the most affordable options? Here’s a recap on the approximate starting prices of some vendors in the industry.


  • Wedding Planner – Starts at P20,000
  • Church & Venue
    • Church – Varies between churches
    • Reception Venue – Starts at P20,000
    • Venue Stylist – Starts at P15,000
  • Floral Pieces – Starts at P8,000
  • Catering – Starts at P50,000
  • Wedding Cake – Starts at P4,500
  • Photography & Videography – Starts at P35,000
  • Hair & Makeup – Starts at P7,500
  • Wedding Attire
    • Wedding Gown – Starts at P3,500
    • Bridesmaids’ Dress – Starts at P500
    • Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Suit/Barong – Starts at P3,000
    • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer’s Outfit – Starts at P500
  • Wedding Favors – Starts at P35/piece
  • Printables – Starts at P40/piece for invitations and P15/piece fir save-the-dates
  • Rental Car – Starts at P1,500

Assuming we’re planning an average-sized wedding with about a hundred guests, two bridesmaids, two groomsmen, one flower girl, and one ring bearer, the cost of a wedding would start around P185,000. This does not include the cost of renting out a church, additional food cart, or any other additional thing you want in your wedding.

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