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Weddings With Dogs: Make Your Pet a Part of Your Big Day!

Weddings With Dogs: Make Your Pet a Part of Your Big Day!

include dogs at your wedding

Your dog is one of the most loyal companions you have in your life. They are always by your side, there to support you every step of the way. You might even treat them as your child, making sure that they receive all the love they want and get whatever they need.

Considering how important your fur baby is in your life, there is no doubt that you want them to be a part of one of the most memorable days of your life—your wedding day. Additionally, how cute would it be to see your dog in wedding photos wearing an elegant dress or a tailored tuxedo?

There are various ways of how you can include your cute pet on your wedding day. You can make them a part of the following:

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Wedding Photos

dog ringbearer in wedding ceremony

How to Include Your Dog in a Wedding Ceremony

Getting married to the love of your life is one of the most magical moments in your life. This is the day you finally become one with your special someone and start the rest of your lives together.

Having your dog in your wedding ceremony will only make the celebration much more special. You can also have a more unique wedding theme that you and your guest will surely remember.

Walk Down the Aisle Together

Let your dog accompany you as you walk down the aisle just like the way they have been with you through all your ups and downs. You can hold their leash instead of carrying a bouquet.

For this special occasion, you can dress them up with a special leash made to match the motif of your wedding. This will make them look cuter and more picture-ready.

Make Your Dog the Best Man or Maid of Honor at Your Wedding

Give your fur baby a bigger role on your wedding day by appointing them as your maid of honor. This allows them to be by your side at the altar.

Of course, you will still have an actual maid of honor to help you during your special day. But just imagine how cute and magical it would be to have your dog by your side as you exchange “I do’s” with your partner!

You can also have your dog as a best man in the wedding. To dress them up for the part, have them wear a tuxedo made just for their furry body. If your dog is not very comfortable wearing an outfit, you can settle for a bowtie that matches your wedding’s motif.

Let Them Assist Your Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

Another way to let your pup become a part of your wedding ceremony is to have them accompany your flower girl or ring bearer. You can have them walk with your dog down the aisle.

If your fur baby is walking with your flower girl, cover their leash in the flowers that you have for your wedding. On the other hand, you can have your dog carry a specially designed pillow if they are walking with the ring bearer.

dog playing at wedding

Include Your Dog in the Wedding Reception

After the wedding ceremony, it is time to celebrate the occasion with your friends and family over brunch or dinner. Make sure that your dog still has a role in your wedding reception by doing the following:

Create a Dog Photo Table Number

Before your wedding, prepare photo table numbers featuring your fur baby! Take several photos of your dogs with numbers, print them out, and place them on the tables you will use for the reception. This will help guide your guests where to sit.

Make Dog Place Cards

Let your guests know where they are seated by using place cards. You can make your pup a part of this by having their face or silhouette printed on the cards.

Give Them Something to Eat

After playing a large role in your wedding ceremony, your dog will surely need to recharge with some delicious treats. You can give them dog-safe cookies to munch on while you go around and talk to your friends and family.

You can also set up a miniature dog table where your fur baby can have their brunch or dinner as well. Just make sure to prepare dog-safe food for them at the reception or bring some of their kibbles.

Invite Them to the Dancefloor

Your first dance as a newly married couple is one of the most memorable moments you can have on your wedding day. Why not make it more special by inviting your dog to join you?

Bring them to the dancefloor and set them on the ground as you begin dancing with your spouse. Your dog might just sit or lie there, but at least they played some part in your special moment. Just beware that they might steal all the attention because of their cuteness!

dog dressed for wedding

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Taking Your Wedding Photos With Dogs

Your wedding day is surely one to remember. After learning how to plan a small intimate wedding by scouring through lots of wedding planning guides, there is no doubt that you would want to preserve a memory of all your hard work.

To commemorate your wedding day, the best thing to do is take a lot of pictures with your partner, family, and friends. You can make the process more fun by taking wedding photos with your dog. After all, who would not like to take and look at wedding pictures with dogs, right?

Snap a Squad Photo

Before your ceremony, you might want to set aside some time to take photos with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, the people who are there to help you on your wedding day. Let your pup join this photo-taking session to make it more enjoyable and unforgettable.

Include Your Pup in Your Getting-Ready Pictures

Let your dog join you as you prepare for your wedding. You can have your photographer take a couple of your pictures with your fur baby before you are fully glammed up and after getting your hair and makeup done. Posing your pet next to your gown is also a brilliant photo idea that you will enjoy looking back on after some time.

Use Their Face as a Photo Booth Prop

Let your pup photobomb your guests’ pictures by using their face as a prop. You can do this by printing a large cutout of your dog’s face, which your guests can use whenever they take pictures at your photo booth.


Your wedding day is a memorable time in your life. It is a moment where you want all your loved ones to be present, including your dog.

Having your fur baby in your wedding ceremony, reception, and photo sessions will surely make the occasion much more special and enjoyable for you and your guests. However, you should remember that other types of weddings—such as those done in churches—might be strict with pets. This is why you might need more time planning if you want to include your fur baby in your special day.

Once you iron out the details of your wedding with your dog, you can start thinking about how to make them a part of your nuptials. Follow the tips listed above to make sure that your pup plays a role in your special day.


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