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Chapel on the Hill: Everything You Need to Know About Don Bosco Batulao’s Popular Wedding Church

Chapel on the Hill: Everything You Need to Know About Don Bosco Batulao’s Popular Wedding Church

Wedding at Chapel on the Hill, Tagaytay

As one of the most popular wedding destinations in the Philippines, brides and grooms-to-be will find plenty of wedding venues to choose from. For those looking to host a traditional Catholic wedding before their reception, they’ll find plenty of wedding churches in Tagaytay to choose from.

One of the more popular choices is Don Bosco Batulao’s Chapel on the Hill. Featuring a 360-degree view of Tagaytay’s natural landscape and seascape and a chapel perfect for quaint weddings, Chapel on the Hill is a great choice for couples who want a rustic but elegant wedding to remember. Here’s what you need to know before booking this beautiful wedding church.

Chapel on the Hill

Also known as the Don Bosco Church, the Chapel on the Hill in Tagaytay is one of the most popular churches for couples looking to have a holy and traditional Catholic wedding.

Located just off the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway (it’s a 30-minute eastward drive from Sky Ranch), the Don Bosco Batulao is actually a spiritual retreat center. So, if you’re looking for a chapel that’s not too far from the main road but still provides the serenity and peace you want for a cherished memory, it’s the perfect place to hold a holy wedding ceremony.

True to its name, the Don Bosco Batulao Chapel is literally the Chapel on the Hill. Built in 2004 by Rosario Reyes Bartolome in honor of her parents Aurelio and Antonia Reyes, the chapel is relatively new compared to all the other popular wedding churches in the area.

The chapel is a circular structure resembling a small gazebo. If you live in Metro Manila and want to get a feel of what a wedding in the Chapel on the Hill would feel like, just visit the Sto. Nino de Paz Greenbelt Chapel in Makati. But, of course, you can’t replicate the breathtaking views that the Don Bosco Batulao Chapel has to offer couples who choose to get married there, so it’s a must to see the chapel first-hand before booking!

Unlike other chapels, the Chapel on the Hill has glass panels for most of its outer walls. This gives you a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the retreat center as well as the Tagaytay landscape and skies. So, if you love nature and the outdoors but don’t want to risk an outdoor wedding ceremony in case of rain, the Chapel on the Hill is a great indoor option.

Capacity and Parking

The Chapel on the Hill can seat up to 100 guests comfortably. So, this may not be the best choice of Tagaytay wedding churches for those looking to host large weddings after the pandemic ends. But for couples looking to host intimate and small to medium-sized weddings, Don Bosco Chapel on the Hill can suit you just fine.

In terms of parking, Don Bosco Batulao’s website says that there is enough parking to accommodate the maximum number of guests for the chapel. Your guests are allowed to park along the street of the church.

Also, take note that the church administration have strict rules on decorum since the chapel is inside a retreat center. Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside the center. Throwing rice, confetti, or flower petals inside the chapel at the end of the ceremony is not allowed.

Booking Chapel on the Hill

Like I said earlier, the Chapel on the Hill is a very popular wedding chapel choice. So, to ensure the chapel is available on your planned wedding day, you need to book at least one year (or two, to be really safe) in advance.

This is especially true if you’re holding your wedding during the wedding season months in the Philippines: May to June and December to February.

When you book Chapel on the Hill, take note that there are only three available time slots per day. From Mondays to Saturdays, these are at 11 AM, 2 PM, and 5 PM. On Sundays, these are from 9 AM, 2 PM, and 5 PM. The admin in the center are reportedly strict regarding time schedules, so it’s important that you’re not late for your own wedding or else your ceremony may be cut short or hurried to make way for the next wedding.

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The cost of booking Chapel on the Hill are as follows: P12,000 for the wedding fee, a P1,200 processing fee, and a P5,000 church donation. These are subject to change, so it’s best to contact Don Bosco Batulao to confirm their rates.

The fees are only inclusive of the sound system. Wedding officiant, choir and/or pianist, flower arrangements, and other aspects of a church wedding should be handled by the couple or the wedding planner.

Wedding Application Requirements

To book your wedding date, you’ll need to submit the following marriage requirements to the church’s office:

  • Baptismal and confirmation certificates of both parties. Birth certificates are valid for six months from the time it was requested, but Don Bosco Batulao’s website states that it should be issued within the past three months. It should be annotated with “For Marriage Purposes Only”. This is to confirm you and your partner have undergone the previous Catholic rites that allow you to undergo holy wedding rites.
  • Marriage license. You can get your marriage license from your local civil registrar in the city or municipality where you or your partner live. Marriage licenses are valid for 120 days or four months. Marriage licenses confirm that you and your future spouse are legally free to marry each other.
  • Canonical interview with the parish priest or his duly authorized representative. You and your partner must personally meet with the interviewer in Don Bosco Batulao months before the wedding. Expect to talk about your relationship, family background, and other plans for the future.
  • Pre-Cana Wedding Seminar Certificate of Attendance. You and your partner will have to attend a marriage preparation seminar. You can attend one sponsored by Don Bosco Batulao or by your own church, but you need a certificate to prove your attendance.
  • Ecclesiastical or marriage banns. You must give the name of your parish and parish priest to the office. They will request your church to announce your impending marriage and will post it on their marriage banns. If after three weeks no one objects to the marriage, the wedding can take place.
  • List of wedding sponsors and bridal party members. If your wedding invitations have this list, you can simply provide them a copy.
  • Sacrament of confession. You may be asked to undergo this sacrament before you can get married.
  • ID Picture. Prepare a few 2×2 ID photos in case the office requests it for filing purposes.
  • PSA Birth Certificate and Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR). The birth certificate is used to confirm that you are a Filipino citizen of legal marriageable age. If you have never been married in the past, you will need to present a CENOMAR which confirms you have never been previously married. You can order both online at PSA Serbilis Online, delivery times vary.
  • If you and/or your spouse were previously married: If the marriage was annulled, you will need to obtain an annulment clearance from the Archdiocese’s office. If either of you are widowed, you will need the death certificate of your deceased spouse as proof that you are no longer married.

While some of these requirements are not necessary in a civil wedding, church weddings require proof that you and your partner and allowed to undergo Catholic wedding rites.

For more information on Chapel on the Hill in Tagaytay, contact:

Mary Help of Christians House of Spirituality
Don Bosco Batulao, Barangay Cahil, Calaca, Batangas
4120 Tagaytay City Philippines
Contact Numbers : (02) 404-4327 / 0917 524 7192
Email: /

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