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Where to Find the Best Wedding Tokens for Principal Sponsors in the PH

Where to Find the Best Wedding Tokens for Principal Sponsors in the PH

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In one of our previous articles, we discussed how many ninongs and ninangs you need for your wedding. Now, it’s time to find the perfect wedding tokens for them.

In the Philippines, finding the perfect wedding tokens for your principal sponsors is crucial. It speaks a message of gratitude that you appreciate them for taking a major role in your wedding. The wedding token also serves as their memorabilia of their participation in the celebration.

We’ve compiled a list of the best wedding tokens you can find in the Philippines for your principal sponsors.


Wine is always a great wedding token for principal sponsors in the Philippines. Long after the celebration is over, your principal sponsors can raise a glass to your married life and remember the festivities fondly.

If you love the thought of giving wine as a wedding token for your principal sponsors, Arobi Wines has you covered. They provide the best wines of your choice and you can personalize the bottles with your preferred accents or picture.

Scented gifts

In your most beautiful day, treat your principal sponsors by giving perfumes or home fragrances as wedding tokens. They’re the best choice if you want to thank your ninongs and ninangs in an exclusive way. Scents embody both usefulness and romanticism so they’ll easily bring delight to your sponsors.

For hand-mixed and specialty fragrances in the Philippines, head over to Sparrow PH and BC Fragrance. They make memorable and unique scents that come in beautiful packaging.


Want to give something classy, artistic, and useful to your principal sponsors? You can’t go wrong with ceramics. Each single piece of ceramic is carefully handcrafted using a mixture of clay, powders, water, and other earthen elements before being fired in a kiln, painted, and glazed. They have an old-world charm that will add character to the dining table collection of your ninongs and ninangs.

Recently, a number of local ceramics makers have been reviving the ceramics scene by increasing their visibility online. Check out these stores where you can score modern and quirky pieces as wedding tokens for your principal sponsors in the Philippines.

  • Hey Kessy Pottery

At Hey Kessy, you can get custom-made pieces that fit the theme of your wedding. They’ll allow you to customize your own plates and other ceramic wares by choosing your own colors and shapes. If you want to learn how to make your own pieces before your wedding day, you can sign up for their pottery workshops. For any inquiries, email them at

  • Crescent Moon Cafe

Established in 1997, Crescent Moon has a made a name for themselves in the local ceramics scene due to their wide selection of designs. If you want to browse through their products, you can pay a visit to their cafe in Antipolo.


  • Aarde

Aarde carries a selection of ceramics sourced from local and global cities. They handpick their stocks from Denmark, Japan, and Iceland, so you’re sure to be giving one-of-a-kind wedding tokens to your principal sponsorys. Their entire catalog consists of stoneware plates, mugs, vases, and other wares.


Gourmet flavored salts

Want something unique, classy, and totally delicious to give out to your ninongs and ninangs? Try gourmet salts! They’re great for garnishes, rubs, and marinades. Your principal sponsors will truly appreciate the opportunity to spice up their homemade dishes.

For the best gourmet salts that you can give as wedding token to your principal sponsors in the Philippines, we recommend Zin. They have a variety of gift sets with assorted salt flavors such as Coffee Salt, Rosemary & Lemon Salt, Sriracha Salt, and many others. You can also have the gift sets personalized!

Desserts and pastries

Why not end the party for your principal sponsors on a sweet note with premium desserts and pastries?

I mean, it’s no secret that people love eating party dishes and receiving giveaways. Combine the two together and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

For instance, you can give one of the most luxurious, buttery, deliciously soft, and melt-in-your-mouth cookies in the Philippines as your wedding tokens for your principal sponsors. Which cookies are we referring to? The ones from Russian Cookie House, of course! They have VIP boxes that you can order for your ninongs and ninangs.

If you prefer getting them artisanal chocolates, you’ll find the best ones at Theo and Philo. All of their bean-to-bar chocolates are made with natural and local ingredients. The chocolates come in unique Filipino flavors like Milk Chocolate Adobo, Dark Chocolate with Calamnsi/Labuyo, and Milk Chocolate Turon.

Artisan tea and coffee

Everyone loves coffee or tea. A personalized bag of coffee or tea is a great way to make sure your principal sponsors’ wedding tokens will last. You’ll know that one day, they’ll pour themselves with a delicious cup of the coffee or tea you gave them, and they’ll remember your lovely wedding day memories.

To find artisan coffee and tea in the Philippines that you can give as wedding tokens to your principal sponsors, check out Yardstick, Tea & Coffee Depot, and Karton.


Jewelry pieces and accessories

Personalized jewelry and accessories like charm necklaces, monogrammed bracelets, custom cufflinks, and luggage tags make the perfect wedding tokens for principal sponsors in the Philippines.

For the best ones, we recommend Istorya Creations. They customize a wide range of jewelry pieces and accessories, from key clasps and key rings to luggage tags and bracelets. You’re sure to find a piece that would suit the style and taste of each of your principal sponsors.


Artisan soap

Giving artisan soap as wedding tokens to your principal sponsors is not only unique, it’s practical too! It lets their skin take a break from commercial chemicals during bath time, plus the products are sustainable. You won’t only be giving away creative wedding tokens, you’ll be helping save Mother Earth as well.

For the most stylish artisan soaps in the Philippines to give out as wedding tokens to your principal sponsors, we recommend Soak Artisan Shop and Soaperstar. Soak Artisan Shop offers gift boxes that come in elegant packaging (colors of the bespoke gift boxes include white, gray, and black). Soaperstar, on the other hand, has premium handmade soaps like Red Wine, Fur Elise, and Espresso.


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Indoor potted plants

Looking for an eco and budget-friendly wedding token for your principal sponsors? Indoor low-maintenance plants are the way to go and we know the perfect places where you can buy some for your ninongs and ninangs:

  • PDG Botanique

– Fancy some unique foliage that your principal sponsors can place on their side tables or shelves? Head over to PDG Botanique for kokedama (Japanase moss balls) in dainty teacups and glass cases, hole-filled monstera obliquas (commonly known as Swiss cheese vine), and other one-of-a-kind plants. PDG Botanique is located at 296 Haig Street, Mandaluyong City. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information.

  • Succulents PH

– This shop showcases plants in sleek wooden planters, minimalist white ceramic pots, and geometric glass cases with gold edges. As the plants practically match any type of aesthetic, they’ll be loved by both your ninongs and ninangs. Succulents PH products are available at selected Papemelroti and Rustan’s branches. For more details, head over to their Facebook page.

  • The Green House Project

– The Green House Project offers a wide array of cacti, succulents, and air plants in creative casings. They’ve made it their goal to let people benefit from the gifts of Mother Nature even when they’re stuck indoors. To learn more about their products, visit The Green House Project’s Facebook page.


Travel accessories

Are you planning on having a destination wedding? Personalized travel kits and accessories are the perfect way to thank your principal sponsors! It will let them know that you appreciate the effort they’ve put into playing a major part in your wedding. They can also reuse it in the future, so they’ll always remember the fun they had during your special day.

Ash & Muff has personalized canvas travel kits that come in fun colors to suit your wedding’s motif. Each set contains 1 pc laundry bag, 1 pc shoe bag, and a bag tag. You can choose to customize the set with fonts, frames, and border designs.

If you want a more sustainable option, Jacinto & Lirio offers vegan leather travel accessories such as check book wallets, travel essentials kits, and mini planners.


Gift cards or certificates

Give your principal sponsors experience-based wedding tokens with gift cards or certificates to their favorite spas or restaurants. For instance, The Spa offers wellness gift cards that come in three dominations: Php1,000, Php1,500, and Php2,000. They come specially packaged in classy gift card holders. They’re perfect if your principal sponsors value health and wellness.

As nothing spells thank you more than a treat to a buffet, you can also opt to give buffet gift cards as wedding tokens to your principal sponsors. You can choose from a wide variety of buffets such as Vikings, Niu, Makati Shangri-la Circles, or Spiral.


The items listed above are some of the most unique and unforgettable wedding tokens for principal sponsors in the Philippines. They’re all gifts that your ninongs and ninangs will surely enjoy and find useful.

For more wedding giveaway ideas, check out our article on edible wedding favors.

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