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The Perfect Giveaway: Edible Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

The Perfect Giveaway: Edible Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

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At the end of the night – when the honeymoon send-off fades from memory and your guests fall into bed tired from the day’s festivities – your wedding favor is the last remaining take away from your special day. It’s your chance to thank your friends and family for all the time, money, and effort they’ve committed to celebrating your most momentous occasion with you.

Instead of the usual abaniko or potted plants, why not end your special day on a sweet (or spicy!) note with edible wedding favors?

Popular edible wedding favor ideas

It’s no secret that people love eating the dishes served at a party and receiving giveaways. Combine the best of both worlds with these edible wedding favors your guests will love.

    • Cake in a jar

Usually, guests are full by the end of the party so your wedding cake/s remain untouched. The best way to let them have a taste of your wedding cake is by giving them cakes-in-a-jar. You can have your pastry chef prepare them beforehand as your edible wedding favors. Your guests will be happy to satisfy their sweet cravings with a cake that has special meaning.

Tired of plain old vanilla? Show off your creative side with these unique wedding cake flavors.

    • Chocolates

Love and chocolates always go together. Plus, everyone loves them! You can personalize your chocolate giveaways with your monogram or any other design that represents you and your partner. When you pack them in cute boxes with intricate lace details, you’ve got a dainty sweet edible wedding favor both kids and adults will appreciate.

    • Customized sugar cookies

Honestly, who doesn’t love this pastry? Personalized sugar cookies are a true classic for wedding favors because you can have them anyway you want. You can use your favorite flavor (like lemon) as the base and then decorate the cookie with royal icing. You can also style them up with pretty candy hearts. For this edible wedding favor, you can be as imaginative you want and your guests will be happy with your creativity.

    • Personalized liquor

End the night with a toast! You can customize your own mini vodka, sparkling wine, or champagne. Be stylish and decorate the bottles with ribbons or tags that match your color palette. For those guests who don’t drink alcohol, you can opt for sparkling water or other fancy carbonated drinks.

    • Brownies

Not all your guests can enjoy unlimited sweets, especially those with dietary restrictions. For their health, a flexible treat is the good ol’ brownie. These yummy delicacies are delicious whichever form they’re in and whether they’re sweetened, gluten-free-, nut-free, vegan, soy-free, or kosher.


Where can you find unique edible wedding favors?

Today, you can find lots of shops in Metro Manila that give you the opportunity to be more creative and innovative with your edible wedding favors.

Check out these shops scattered all over the metro:

  • MIC

MIC, which is short for Made in Candy, makes candies with intricate and detailed designs, all packed with the best flavors. They’re carefully handcrafted by their skilled candy artisans.

Aside from the retailed candies sold by their mall branches, they offer full customization packages that give you the freedom to create your own design. This is perfect if you want personalized candies as your edible wedding favors. Cute!

Contact number: (02) 866 56 24 & 0920 964 9076
Email address:


  • Manila Wine

Manila Wine has the wildest range of wines, whiskies, rums, and champagnes for your personalized liquor needs. They deliver nationwide and ensure that your purchases arrive on time and in perfect condition.


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They have a great selection of miniature liquor bottles that you can personalize for your wedding. Simply tie a ribbon around the bottle or wrap it with twine and voila – easy-peasy yet fancy wedding favors.

Contact number: +63917 152 0505
Email address:


  • Merry Macarons

Are you a huge fan of French pastries? Good news, Merry Macarons lets you customize your own macarons! You can decide on the color, add text or stencil, and even get the macarons shaped or sculpted. How cute is that?

What’s even better is that instead of using purely almond flour, their macarons are made from a mix of ground almonds and cashew nuts. You not only get delicious macarons as your wedding favors — you’re supporting local too!

For customized edible wedding favors, it’s best to order at least a month in advance. You can pick up the macarons at their store in Fairview, QC, or add Php300 to have the macarons delivered via Pedala. The areas they cover include Quezon City, Marikina, Pasig, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Makati, Manila, The Fort, and Pasay.

Email address:


  • Russian Cookie House

Want to give luxurious, deliciously soft, and buttery melt-in-your-mouth cookies? Russian Cookie House sells various Russian treats from cookies and bonbons to biscotti and tea biscuits. For edible wedding favors, they offer goodies in mini canisters or tins. You can also order their VIP boxes if you want special sets for your ninongs and ninangs.

Contact number: 632-216-0865 or 0917-895-2863
Store: G/F The Podium ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City

  • Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates

Theo & Philo is the perfect place to get artisanal chocolates as your edible wedding favors. They’re a bean-to-bar maker of single-origin Philippine chocolates. They make each bar with natural ingredients and pure cocoa butter. The chocolates come in unique Filipino flavors such as Milk Chocolate Turon, Dark Chocolate with Calamansi/Labuyo, and Milk Chocolate Adobo.

The best part? Their high-quality ingredients are sourced from local farmers. They get their cacao beans from Davao and their sugar from the world-famous canes of Bacolod.

For customized packaging and edible wedding favor requests, you can contact them for your requirements.

Contact number: +(63 2) 8631-1362, +(63) 927 977-3543 (Globe), +(63) 998 497-7751 (Smart), +(63) 927 977-3543 (Viber)


  • Café-te-ría

Have your guests wake up in the morning to world-class coffee from the Café-te-ría. They have coffee blends with quirky names such as “Love at First Cup” and “Mi Amore.” The coffee (either in ground or bean form) is packaged in handy burlap bags, perfect for intimate rustic-themed weddings.

Café-te-ría also customizes coffee packages for special occasions. Simply shoot them an email so that they can make their coffee look even prettier as the edible wedding favors for your big day.



Easy DIY Edible Wedding Favors

Have a lot of time on your hands before the wedding? Try some of these DIY edible wedding favor ideas! They’re sure to add an extra fun and personality to your party giveaways.

  • Popcorn

Let’s start off with one of the easiest DIY edible wedding favors — popcorn! This is perfect for bride-to-be’s who aren’t exactly bakers. The idea is as quick and simple as filling a mason jar with popcorn kernels. You can then cover the lid with brown paper or fabric, anything that will suit the colors and theme of your wedding. Tie a twine ribbon and add a witty note like “Thanks for popping by!”

  • Gourmet Edible Cookie Dough

For most of us, it’s almost next to impossible trying to resist eating cookie double while baking. However, it’s not the safest idea as raw eggs and flour can contain bacteria.

Thankfully, there’s an edible version of cookie dough that you can give to your guests as wedding favors. Yummy PH has a quick and easy recipe that you can replicate days before your big day. For presentation, store them in mason jars and add a little thank you note. Your guests will appreciate the effort you’ve put in giving them ooey, gooey cookie dough made with love.

  • Herb or Spice Blends

Want something to spice up your guests’ day? Give them a signature spice or herb blend. It can be anything from your grandmother’s secret recipe or the mix your partner cooked with during your first homemade meal together. Since a little goes a long way, your guests will use your DIY edible wedding favor for a long time after your special day. And each time they’ll reach for the jar of personalized blend, they’ll be thinking of the fun they had at your wedding.

  • Hot chocolate mix

Keep your guests warm during rainy days with this super easy DIY edible wedding favor. Simply layer dry milk, cocoa, peppermint, marshmallows, and chocolate chips in a jar so that all they’ll have to do is add hot water. The pre-proportioned jars of hot chocolate mixes will easily satisfy their sweet tooth!

  • Burlap Bags

If you’re planning a rustic-themed wedding or love all things that are earth-toned, burlap bags would make a pretty party giveaway. You can fill them up with edible wedding favors such as your favorite candies, chocolates, or a healthy fruit and nut trail mix. They’re like the adult version of the giveaway loot we got from kiddie parties.

Don’t know where to buy burlap bags in bulk? When you search for “burlap bags” in Shopee, you’ll have a wide selection in different designs and wholesale prices.

The best part about sending guests home with edible wedding favors is how personal you can make them. Individually packaged candies, hot chocolate mixes, and mini liquor bottles are also a fun way to keep the party going long after the night’s over.

Plus, wedding guests already have plenty of abaniko, succulents, or monogrammed shot glasses. Edible wedding favors are treats that they’ll never forget and they’ll appreciate it more because, well, they can eat them! After all, no one can resist a good cookie or special blend of coffee.

Since they’ll be so popular with your guests, don’t forget to order or make extras, just in case. There might be those who’ll bring one or two more burlap bags. We can’t blame really them, edible wedding favors are just that irresistible.

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