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A Groom’s Guide to Nailing the Casual Civil Wedding Attire in the Philippines

A Groom’s Guide to Nailing the Casual Civil Wedding Attire in the Philippines

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Thinking about a civil wedding brings to mind formal suits and traditional barongs. But what if the groom prefers something less formal? Here’s a look at some laid-back yet stylish civil wedding attire for grooms in the Philippines that are perfect for those looking to ditch the traditional suit or barong.

Civil Wedding Attire Suggestions for Grooms in the Philippines

Choosing casual attire for a civil wedding allows grooms to showcase their unique style. Unlike traditional wedding suit material, which can be heavy and less breathable, casual options offer lighter and more comfortable alternatives. This makes them perfect for all kinds of settings, from beachfront vows to cozy city hall ceremonies, making sure the groom feels relaxed and at ease while celebrating.

button up shirt and suspenders

Button-Up Shirt and Suspenders

Imagine the groom in a crisp white button-up shirt, elevated by some trendy suspenders—a mix of classic style with a modern twist. This outfit isn’t just stylish but also super comfy, allowing the groom to mingle and groove on the dance floor effortlessly. Why not throw in a bow tie, perhaps in a fun print or bold color, to add some personality and create the perfect ambiance for a celebration?

Turtleneck and Blazer

For the groom who is all about breaking norms, a turtleneck paired with jeans under a sleek blazer can be a game-changer. This ensemble radiates modern elegance and is perfect for a wedding that’s anything but traditional. Whether it’s a sunset rooftop ceremony or a cozy, artsy café, this civil wedding attire for grooms perfectly fits both settings. It guarantees the groom shines while being his authentic self.

dress shirt and tie

Dress Shirt and Tie

A dress shirt paired with a tie is a timeless choice that can be adapted to fit any casual civil wedding. Choosing a light-colored shirt over white can also add a touch of softness to your outfit while keeping it classy for the occasion. It’s a perfect match for outdoor celebrations, allowing the groom to enjoy the day in style and comfort.

denim attire for civil wedding

Jacket Options

Who says a casual civil wedding can’t be stylish? A denim jacket over the groom’s attire (or even the bride’s dress for some cool couple photos) adds a unique, laid-back touch to the wedding attire. Want to up your style game? Try throwing on a custom leather jacket over your suit! It adds a touch of personality and flair to your classic wedding outfit.

groom wearing a vest

Vest and Slacks

Choosing a vest and slacks over a full suit is a great way to keep the look polished yet informal. This combo allows for mixing and matching colors and patterns to reflect the groom’s style. It’s a smart pick for those warm summer days, offering a compromise between formal and casual without straying too far from wedding tradition.

Enhance Your Attire with Accessories

Accessories for grooms can truly personalize your look. These finishing touches can elevate a simple outfit into something special and uniquely you. Let’s explore how to enhance your style with some civil wedding accessories for grooms in the Philippines.

groom wearing socks with an animal print and food

Playful Socks

Why settle for ordinary when your socks can express your personality? Go for some colorful socks, or even better, pick ones with your beloved animated characters! This cute touch can tie into your wedding theme or add a fun twist to match your bride’s attire. She might even sport a similar pair to complement her dress and feel cozy. When you coordinate, it becomes a sweet symbol of your connection.

groom wearing sunglasses


Here’s a cool accessory, especially if you’re celebrating outdoors. Sunglasses can change your style, giving you a mysterious vibe. They’re great for those Insta-worthy pre-wedding pics, letting you strike a model pose and protect your eyes from the sun. Just pick a frame that suits your face, and get ready for a sunny day full of love and happiness.


For a casual civil wedding in the Philippines with a vintage theme, consider adding a hat to the groom’s attire. From fedoras to porkpie hats, this accessory is your ticket to a timeless look. Try out various styles to find what suits your look and celebration vibe. You could even go for different hats during the ceremony and reception to mix things up. Bonus: It’s simple to remove if it gets too warm or if you feel like dancing the night away hat-free!

groom fixing his bow

Dress with Flair From the Aisle to the After-Party

Your wedding attire is just the beginning.

As the groom, your wedding day is a chance to showcase your style as much as the bride’s. From cool, casual combos like a button-up shirt with suspenders to a sleek turtleneck and blazer, casual civil wedding attires for grooms in the Philippines are endless. Each choice offers a way to celebrate your love while staying true to yourself, ensuring you look and feel great from the aisle to the after-party. 

So, what are you waiting for? Tick off one of your wedding responsibilities as a groom and select an attire that suits your special day!

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