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Wedding March Songs for Walking Down the Aisle

Wedding March Songs for Walking Down the Aisle

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Do you know what’s one of my favorite parts of a wedding? The music! There’s just something so emotionally gripping about hearing the first notes of a wedding march and seeing the wedding entourage walk down the aisle to it, especially the bride.

Most couples want the first moments of the ceremony to be perfect, so they spend a lot of time choosing the wedding entourage songs and bride entrance music. To help you in your search, I’ve listed down the best wedding songs for walking down the aisle. I included traditional wedding march songs for your entourage, modern bridal march songs, popular OPM wedding songs, and unique song ideas!

Traditional Wedding March Songs for your Entourage

Let’s start off our list with the oldies but goldies!

  • Bridal Chorus – Wagner

More popularly known as Here Comes the Bride, this piece of classical music is probably the most traditional choice for a wedding march. If you want a slightly more modern version, you can choose the arrangement by Vicente Avella on classical piano. That way, you keep the element of tradition, but with a twist!


  • Canon in D – Pachelbel

Canon in D is another popular choice for wedding entourage songs. This beautiful piece of music sounds gorgeous played by a traditional quartet, but it can also be played on a piano or on classical guitar. The song features repeated lines, which makes it easily recognizable by everyone.


  • Wedding March – Felix Mendelssohn

Aptly named Wedding March, this song is one of the most famous wedding church songs for walking down the aisle. Originally part of the Shakespearean play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the song rose to popularity after it was once used in a royal wedding.


  • Ave Maria – Franz Schubert

When it comes to wedding march songs, Schubert’s Ave Maria is definitely a favorite. The song’s elegant simplicity is simply fitting for a traditional Church wedding.


  • Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring – J.S. Bach

You’ve probably heard this wedding march song at least once in your life because it’s very popular as a processional in Catholic weddings. Modern weddings usually slow down the melody and showcase the ethereal notes using a wide variety of instruments.


Popular Modern Bridal March Songs

Now that you’ve got your wedding entourage song down, it’s time to move on to your bridal march! Usually, the bridal march is different from the processional song for a break in the mood and to give the bride her well-deserved spotlight.

Of course, you can choose to continue on with a traditional march song, but if you want a change in tempo, we’ve listed down some modern hits that are perfect as bridal march songs (if you want a mellower version of the songs, you can always pick their instrumental versions).

  • Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

This beautiful ballad by Ed Sheeran is easily one of the modern-day favorite songs while walking down the aisle. With romantic lyrics like “Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars, place your head on my beating heart, I’m thinking out loud, that maybe we found love right where we are,” the song has captured the hearts of couples all around the world.


  • Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

This song simply makes everyone’s hearts flutter, no matter how old you are. It’s the perfect entrance music for a bride who can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with her soon-to-be husband.

Of course, you can always go with Elvis Presley’s version but I also absolutely love this cover by Haley Reinhart.


  • The Only Exception – Paramore

Okay, I might be a bit biased by including this in the list because The Only Exception is actually the wedding song I’ll play when I walk down the aisle. It’s for me and everyone else who has dealt with parents separating, yet still chose to fall in love despite the fear of getting hurt. If you feel the same, then this song will make you extra emotional during your bridal march.


  • Make You Feel My Love – by Adele

Blend old and new with Adele’s romantic cover of a Bob Dylan classic. With lyrics like “I could make you happy, make your dreams come true, There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do, Go to the ends of this Earth for you, To make you feel my love” and Adele’s soulful voice, everyone in the ceremony will melt when you have this as your bridal march song.


  • All of Me – John Legend

This list simply won’t be complete without one of the most popular wedding songs of the modern era. All of Me will be an instant hit if you choose it as your bridal march song. As the lyrics just scream “I love you with every piece of me!” your partner will most likely get emotional as well.


Popular OPM Bridal March Songs

With today’s weddings getting more and more personal, bridal march songs are great ways for your guests to experience what you’re truly like as a couple. If you’re an OPM-loving duo, consider having OPM songs as your wedding church songs for walking down the aisle!

Not only will the bride’s entrance music be more meaningful, but your guests will also be treated to some of the sweetest songs from our local artists.

Here are a few choices to get you started.

  • Your Universe – Rico Blanco

This is the perfect song to play while you’re walking down the aisle to someone you feel incredibly lucky to have in your life. The lyrics “You hold me like I’m the one who’s precious, I hate to break it to you but it’s just the other way around / You can thank your stars all you want but / I’ll always be the lucky one” speaks of a love that’s all-consuming for both parties.


  • Tagpuan – Moira Dela Torre

Tagpuan was just simply created to be a wedding classic. Jason actually proposed to Moira while filming Tagpuan’s music video, making this song a rising favorite among Filipino couples. Instead of a traditional wedding march, this song was performed by Ben&Ben when Moira walked down the aisle.


  • Panalangin – APO Hiking Society

A classic in the Philippine music industry, Panalangin is just one of those feel-good love songs that will never get old. This might be a bit upbeat for a bridal march song, but who said that you can’t have a bit of fun while walking down the aisle? And if you constantly prayed so that you could spend a lifetime together with your partner, then this song is simply perfect.

While nothing beats the original by APO Hiking Society, Moonstar88 has a cover that might work for brides who want a mellower rendition.


  • Ride Home – Ben&Ben

Do you consider your partner as your safe space? Then Ben&Ben’s Ride Home will hit you right in the feels. Its heart-warming lyrics and melodies talk about coming home to someone who is all you need in life. It’s not one of the better-known wedding songs for a walk down the aisle, but this folk track will still tug at the heartstrings of everyone in the ceremony, including your partner’s.


  • Bawat Daan – Ebe Dencel

When I asked my OPM-loving friend which song she’d play while walking down the aisle, she answered Bawat Daan in less than a heartbeat. I can’t blame her! With lyrics like “Kung puso ko ay imamapa / Ikaw ang dulo, gitna’t simula / Nahanap din kita (kay tagal kong naghintay),” it’s a heartfelt song that might just trigger a tear jerking moment.


Unique Song Ideas While Walking Down the Aisle

Want to make your wedding entourage and bridal march truly unique and personal? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves to surprise your wedding guests, showcase your personality, and have a truly memorable entrance.

  • Use the OST of your favorite K-drama

Ever watched a k-drama and imagined yourself walking down the aisle to its OST? No one can stop you from doing it! Korean love songs are perfect for setting the mood of a wedding day, whether it’s the OST from Goblin, Crash Landing on You, or Descendants of the Sun. It’s going to be a bit dramatic but if you’re going to have a lot of fun, I say go for it.


  • Walk to the theme song of your favorite movie franchise


Are you and your partner huge fans of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, or DC? Showcase your proud inner geeks by having your fandom’s theme song as the official wedding march. It’ll lighten up the mood and you can be sure that your big day is off to a fun, great start.


  • Sing while walking!

I once attended a wedding where the bride chose to sing while she walked down the aisle and it moved everyone to tears, including her husband. Everyone in the entire venue was quiet as we listened to her heartfelt rendition of Kodaline’s The One.

Instead of having a list of bridal march songs, you can follow in her footsteps (pun intended) and sing your relationship’s theme song while walking down the aisle. You can even hide it from your partner and surprise him on the day itself!

One of the things that guests remember most about weddings is the music. Your wedding march and the bride’s entrance music have the power to change the entire dynamic of the wedding. If you have great songs, you’ll easily have a memorable celebration.

Whether you go the traditional route with a classic wedding march or give your loved ones’ goosebumps with a more personal song choice, what matters is that the soundtrack to your wedding ceremony is beautiful, romantic, and moving. Whatever you choose, we know you’re going to remember the melodies for as long as you live. That alone, already makes the song special.

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