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The Ultimate Wedding Registry Guide for Couples in the Philippines

The Ultimate Wedding Registry Guide for Couples in the Philippines

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So you’ve set your wedding date, booked your venue, and sorted out your guest list. But before you start sending those invitations, have you completed your wedding registry checklist? 

Traditional wedding gifts have become a little less mainstream over the years, and these days some couples prefer cash as wedding gifts over a set of plates. While enveloped gifts seem more convenient and practical in this day and age, today we’re here to convince you that having a wedding gift registry in the Philippines is still a smart and tasteful choice. 

What is a Wedding Gift Registry?

A wedding or bridal registry is basically a list of gifts that an engaged couple has selected in advance. You choose the gifts you want from a particular registry, and then your guests can access the list either in-store or online. Whenever an item from the wedding registry gift lift is purchased, it’s typically updated to show what’s still available for guests to purchase. 

Wedding registry services in the Philippines are typically provided free of charge to an engaged couple. Modern-day bridal gift registries include a wide variety of items, from kitchen appliances to novelty items like a Star Wars bathrobe. 

How to Create a Wedding Gift Registry in the Philippines

Occasionally, some couples feel guilty for making a list of their must-have items, so they choose not to opt for a wedding registry. But a wedding registry isn’t actually a list of demands, it’s really more of a courtesy for your guests. 

A bridal registry in the Philippines is a convenient tool that your guests can use to actually gift you something they’ll know you will appreciate. It eliminates their need to take wild guesses and risk purchasing something you won’t like. 

Plus, you don’t want to be stuck with three oven toasters by the end of the reception, right?  

Alright, I’m Convinced! Where do I Register?

Department stores like Rustan’s and The SM Store are the typical go-to for wedding registries in the Philippines, but other bridal registries have been popping up all over the country. Furniture stores are also great options, especially if you need household items to furnish your new home.  

According to registry tips from other brides, it’s typically a good idea to sign up with at least two wedding registries. This way, your guests have plenty of options. Additionally, make sure the wedding gift registries are accessible to your guests. Not everyone has easy access to an online bridal registry in the Philippines, so sign up for one that has multiple locations. 

What Items Do I Put on a Wedding Registry?

Each couple is different, so you can choose different items to add to your registry. Popular wedding registry list ideas include household essentials like kitchen appliances, beddings, interior decoration, and the like. You can put more expensive items on your wedding registry but only ask for the things you know you will use or you truly want. What’s important is that your wedding gift registry is an accurate reflection of your lifestyle. 


How Do I Tell My Guests About my Wedding Registry?

When you do decide on a gift registry for your wedding, communication is key when giving your guests a heads up before the big day. While most wedding gift registry services in the Philippines provide you with printed cards that you can give along with your invites, some couples choose to share their wedding registry note to guests via their wedding website. 

With that said, finding the right wording to inform guests about your wedding registry can be tricky. Here are some bridal gift registry wording ideas to get you started: 


Celebrating our wedding with you is the most precious gift. However, for your convenience, we have registered at (store name) for gifts we’ll appreciate the most as we prepare for married life! You can view our wedding gift registry here: (insert link).  


Your presence on our special day is more than enough. However, for family and friends who have been asking for gift ideas, we’ve created an online wedding gift registry with (store name). You can find it here: (insert link). 

Where Can I Find Wedding Registry Stores in the Philippines?

You’ll find plenty of wedding registry stores in the Philippines. We’ve listed our top 10 below: 

1. Rustan’s

Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond provides an extensive range of premium and luxurious gift items from both local and international brands. You can pick items for your wedding registry from categories such as fashion, home, beauty, fine jewelry, and more. The department store also has carefully-curated merchandise including eccentric hobby items and art pieces that would make wonderful additions to any home. 

Once you’ve registered in-store and selected the items for your wedding gift registry, you’ll be given printed cards that you can include with your invites. All your guests need to do is ask for your list when they arrive in the store so they can purchase the perfect gift for you.

Rustans Logo
Courtesy of Rustans

2. The SM Store

The massive selection of items at The SM Store is sure to satisfy your wedding registry wish list as well as your partner’s. True to their slogan, they’ve truly got it all for you, from cookware to bedsheets and air diffusers. Even better, you can choose items from varying budget levels so that your guests have plenty of options without worrying about the price tag. 

Additionally, if you sign up with SM’s wedding gift registry in the Philippines, you and your guests get special discount cards that can be used within a certain time validity.

The SM Store Logo
Courtesy of The SM Store

3. Crate and Barrel

If you’re building the interiors of your new home from scratch after the wedding, sign up with Crate and Barrel’s wedding gift registry for all your home outfit needs. You’ll fall in love with their catalog of items, from shelves and cabinets to feather-down pillows and table decor. You and your guests will be spoilt with choices, and it helps that Crate and Barrel products all have that contemporary, versatile, and timeless aesthetics.  

When you sign up with them and complete your bridal gift registry, you’ll receive a set of their two best-selling wine glasses as a thank you gift. You’ll also receive a set of 10% discount cards that you can give to your guests. The discount will apply when they purchase items from your wedding registry. 

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

4. Muji

Dreaming of a minimalist-themed home? Muji doesn’t only offer stationery and writing instruments, they also have a wedding gift registry in the Philippines! Some items you can add to your registry include home storage, minimalist yet functional furniture, small accent pieces, and ultra-comfortable sleepwear. 

Signing up for Muji’s gift registry entitles you to announcement cards that you can send along with your invites. Your guests will also enjoy a 10% discount on selected items from your wedding registry.

Muji logo
Courtesy of Muji PH

5. Knots and Pans

If you’d rather build your wedding registry online, Knots and Pans is the top choice for you. Much like online shopping, it boasts a long list of local and international brands with products you won’t normally find in malls and local stores. Their wide list of tasteful quality gifts includes kitchen items, home decor, electronic appliances, and other lifestyle needs. 

Once you sign up for their wedding gift registry, you can choose items, funds, and packages you like. You can then share your registry’s URL via FacebookWhatsappViber, and other social media platforms. 

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Knots and Pans Logo
Courtesy of Knots and Pans

6. AllHome

AllHome lets you create a wedding gift registry to make it easy for your guests to choose items for your new home. They have furnishings and decorative pieces for every part of the house at different price points. 

All you have to do is create a wedding registry gift account, go to your preferred registry branch (they currently have 17 branches nationwide), and their staff will assist and encode your wish list on your online account. You can then take note of your gift registry code and send or share it with your family and friends.

AllHome Logo
Courtesy of AllHome

7. Landmark

The Landmark Department Store in Makati and Trinoma is one of the top choices for wedding gift registries in the metro. What attracts couples to the department store is their fairly wide range of kitchen items and tableware at reasonable prices. Plus, they’re readily accessible to a lot of guests, both in the context of location and budget. 

You can head over to any Landmark branch (Makati or Trinoma) and sign up for their wedding gift registry services. You will then be given registry cards that your guests will present when they’re about to purchase your gifts. They’ll also enjoy a 10% complimentary discount. 

The Landmark Logo
Courtesy of Landmark

8. Philux

Over the years, Philux has grown in popularity for its premium and locally-crafted home products that are as durable as they are beautiful. They’re known for their collections of furniture designs for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining spaces ranging from classic to contemporary pieces. 

You can sign up with Philux Home’s wedding gift registry in Shangri-La at the Fort. Alongside their luxurious product selection, their gift registry service promises an experience that’s tailored to your taste and preference. 

Philux Logo
Courtesy of Philux

9. Gourdo’s

Gourdo’s is popular for housing premium names in cookware and kitchenware such as Wilton, BallariniSwissmarWusthofMicroplaneLibbeyTovolo, and many more. We know you’ll be having plenty of guests over in the future and having some premium houseware to serve them will be a great touch to enjoyable home dinners and parties. 

Luckily, Gourdo’s has a gift registry where you can sign up and hopefully cop some specialty houseware and premium culinary tools from your wedding guests. Just visit any of the 12 Gourdo’s branches to register. 

Gourdo's Logo
Courtesy of Gourdo’s

10. Abenson

Want gadgets and home appliances as your wedding gifts? Abenson Home makes it easy for you and your guests with their wedding registry program in the Philippines. Their registry consultants will help you create the perfect wish list, from home theatre essentials to accent chairs and table decor.  

What’s more, your guests have the option to pool their money together so they can get you an expensive gift that may be out of their budget. You can either sign up via their online bridal registry or head over to the nearest Abenson branch. 

Abenson Logo
Courtesy of Abenson

Last Wedding Registry Tip to Keep in Mind

To cap off our ultimate wedding registry guide, we leave you with this valuable tip: keep the price in mind. It’s easy to get carried away with your wedding registry list, but keep in mind that not everyone has the budget. A registry that’s too small won’t have enough choices in terms of price points for your family and friends, so make sure to include a good amount of budget-friendly items alongside higher-priced gifts. 

Guests in the Philippines typically spend Php1,000 to Php2,500 on a wedding gift, so it’s important to have items in those price points. Make sure you have options for younger friends and older relatives who might not be able to afford to spend a little more. 

At the end of the day, you know your guests better than anyone so structure your wedding registry accordingly. Anyway, what truly matters is their presence on your special day. The gifts are just a bonus. 

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