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The Best Wedding Gifts in the Philippines Any Couple Will Love

The Best Wedding Gifts in the Philippines Any Couple Will Love

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Going gift shopping for a happy couple? The best wedding gift ideas are ones that the couple will get to use in their daily lives. These days, it’s common for couples to register at their favorite stores for their dream wedding gifts, but what happens if your couple decides not to go with a wedding registry?

To make it easier for you, I’ve rounded up the best wedding gift ideas for newlyweds in the Philippines that would complement any home and make any couple happy. Best of all, you can find them at any department store or online shopping mall.

folded bed linen

Good linens

Sleeping on 200-thread count sheets is alright, but you’d love it more if you have the chance to sleep on 800-thread count Egyptian cotton, right?

There’s nothing more luxurious than slipping in between soft and silky sheets, making high-quality linens one of the best wedding gift ideas in the Philippines. And there’s no better time for a newlywed couple to bask in the luxury of lush sheets than when they finally have a marital bed to share. Linen bed sheets in soft hues like ivory, dove, or pastel colors bring a cozy and textural feel to any master suite. Rich shades like midnight blue or deep maroon will make their bedroom more elegant. If the newlyweds are fans of clean lines and understated elegance, then bed linens from Muji are the way to go. Renowned for their minimalist design, Muji’s bedding collection offers both comfort and style, perfect for couples who appreciate simplicity in their living spaces. Their range of bed linens, made from high-quality materials, ensures a soft and cozy night’s sleep.

Mattress Wedding Present

High-quality mattress

When it comes to unique and practical gift ideas for weddings in the Philippines, consider stepping outside the box and gifting a mattress. A mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home. It’s a gift that truly keeps on giving, offering the newlyweds countless nights of comfortable sleep. With the challenge of gifting something as large and heavy as a mattress, consider Uratex mattresses. Known for its quality and comfort, Uratex offers a wide range of mattresses to suit different preferences and needs, making it a perfect wedding present. Plus, with their delivery options, you can send your gift directly to the couple’s doorstep, hassle-free.

quality pots and pans

Quality pots and pans

Whether the couple is a whiz in the kitchen or total amateurs, they’re sure to appreciate quality pots and pans. Pots and pans can be a personal gift for a Filipino wedding, especially if you’re buying for someone who loves to cook. While they don’t need a whole set of pots and pans, a specific high-quality wok or stainless steel stockpot are great wedding gift ideas for newlyweds in the Philippines. It’s something practical that they’ll get to use every day. You can browse online on e-commerce sites such as Lazada to see which ones the couple will like. And trust me, they’ll thank you for this!

coffee maker wedding gift

Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t love a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? I don’t know about you but for me, my day doesn’t begin without that first cup of coffee. Save them the trip to Starbucks or their local coffee shop by letting them brew their own coffee just the way they like. It’s simply one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who love coffee.

For the couple that delights in the warmth of a good cup of coffee, the Nespresso Inissia Coffee Maker White with Free Coffee Capsules makes an exquisite gift idea for weddings in the Philippines. This sleek and compact coffee maker has appealing aesthetics and is a gateway to countless mornings filled with rich, barista-quality coffee at the touch of a button. The inclusion of free coffee capsules means the newlyweds can enjoy a variety of flavors and start their day with a special moment together, right from the comfort of their home. It’s a thoughtful gift that adds a dash of luxury to their daily routine and reminds them of your warm wishes with every sip.

wine wedding gift


No couple will turn down a great bottle of wine. Give the bride and groom their favorite bottle of wine which they can open post-wedding. That could be on their honeymoon, a special date night, or on their first anniversary. This one isn’t just a good wedding gift idea for newlyweds in the Philippines, this doubles as a wedding anniversary gift idea as well!

Personalized chopping board

No kitchen is complete without a chopping board. For a truly unique and thoughtful wedding gift, consider a personalized chopping board from Treen Manila. This local artisan shop specializes in creating beautifully handcrafted wooden chopping boards that can be customized with the couple’s names, wedding date, or even a short message, adding a personal touch to their kitchen. Not only does it serve as a practical item for daily use, but with Treen Manila’s craftsmanship, it doubles as a stylish piece for entertaining. Whether used for chopping vegetables or serving cheeses when friends come over, this personalized chopping board becomes a cherished reminder of their special day and your thoughtful consideration.

bathrobe wedding gift

Plush Bathrobes

A thick pair of bathrobes will make the bride and groom feel like they’re booked at a luxurious hotel every day. If you (or the couple) are not into the whole matchy-matchy thing, you can get them in different colors as well!

As robes are durable pieces of clothing that don’t easily tear, fade, or shed, the robes might last a decade to the couple. And when you give them personalized robes, they’ll hold on and cherish that gift for a very long time. Consider canvassing for customized robes online. Giving a gift that’s both cost-efficient and unforgettable is a clever way to celebrate the couple and make their special day even more memorable.

Embroidered towels

Embroidered towels are not just towels; they’re a cozy hug after a shower! And when it comes to picking out wedding gifts in the Philippines, adding a personal touch like embroidery can turn an ordinary present into something extraordinary. If you’re looking to elevate this classic wedding gift, why not consider Towel Republic for those beautifully embroidered towels? They take the art of gifting to a whole new level by letting you customize towels with the couple’s initials, making it a uniquely personal gift. And don’t stick to just white! While it’s a timeless choice, feel free to play with colors like soft grays, soothing blues, and warm beiges. Towel Republic offers a palette of options to match any couple’s bathroom decor, making your gift both thoughtful and stylish. It’s a fun, practical way to send your best wishes to the happy couple, ensuring they remember your thoughtfulness with every use.

picture frames

Picture frames

Speaking of picture frames, why not turn up the charm by snagging a frame set from IKEA? That’s right, IKEA isn’t just for those meatballs and maze-like shopping adventures; it’s also a treasure trove for finding elegant picture frames that can house all those joyful wedding day snapshots.

Imagine the couple reliving their magical moments, thanks to your thoughtful gift. Plus, IKEA offers a variety of styles, from sleek and modern to cozy and rustic, ensuring you’ll find something that matches the newlyweds’ tastes perfectly. And if you’re feeling extra, getting those frames engraved with their wedding date can add that personal touch that says, “I really thought about this gift.” It’s a sweet way to stand out in the sea of wedding gift ideas in the Philippines and give the couple something they’ll treasure and display with pride.


Spa appointment

Trust me when I say your friends are going to love you for this one (and will probably earn you the friend of the year award *wink*). Wedding planning can be really stressful, and if your bride and groom are moving into a new home immediately after, this just doubles the amount of stress they’ll be going through. Booking them a much-needed spa appointment from trusted spas such as The Spa Wellness will give them a much-needed breather and will banish all those pent up wedding planning stress.


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Retro style wedding couple standing on the balcony


Candles are classic, sure, but why not sidestep the whole “playing with fire” thing and go for something equally fragrant and infinitely safer? Enter the diffuser—the flameless wonder that keeps on giving. For a wedding gift that’s both chic and functional, consider scooping up a diffuser from Marks and Spencer. They’ve got a fantastic selection that can turn any room into a sanctuary of scents. You can even include some essential oils such as lavender, green tea, and bamboo in your wedding gift. It’s a thoughtful, modern take on the traditional candle gift, minus any fire-related worries. Plus, every time their home is filled with these lovely scents, they’ll think of you.

bluetooth speaker


Ah, speakers! Talk about hitting the right note for modern gift ideas for weddings in the Philippines. If you know the couple loves dropping beats as much as they love each other or they’re the go-to hosts for every friends’ gathering, then speakers are your golden ticket. And where better to snag that perfect set than at JB Music? They’ve got everything from the sleek and discreet for the minimalist couple to the big and bold for those who like their bass down low. Gifting speakers is like giving the newlyweds an endless soundtrack to their new life together. Plus, think of all the fun they’ll have, whether it’s cozy dance-offs in the living room or setting the mood for dinner parties.

Luggage Tag on Luggage

His and Her luggage tags

Though they may seem small, personalized luggage tags made of high-quality materials like leather make great wedding gift ideas for newlyweds in the Philippines, especially for those traveling abroad for their honeymoon. They add a personal touch without taking up too much space and make it easier for the couple to identify their luggage in the hustle and bustle of the airport. Check out these personalized luggage tags from Lazada and see which ones the couple will like the most!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones

Picture this: one of you is deep into the latest binge-worthy Netflix series, and the other is snoozing away. Instead of a tiff over the TV volume, imagine slipping on a pair of top-notch, digitally wireless noise-canceling headphones from Sony. Yes, Sony’s got the goods when it comes to keeping peace in the household. These headphones are perfect for keeping the binge-watcher fully immersed in their show without disturbing their better half’s beauty sleep. It’s like having your own personal bubble of sound, making it one of those brilliantly practical gift ideas for weddings in the Philippines. So, if you’re aiming to gift something that marries (pun intended) technology with considerate cohabitation, Sony headphones might just be the way to the couple’s hearts (and ears).

magnetic spice jars

Magnetic Spice Jars

Magnetic spice jars? Oh, what a quirky yet absolutely genius wedding gift idea! Imagine the newlyweds’ kitchen counters and walls turning into a canvas of culinary creativity. These little jars not only save space but also add a dash of style to any kitchen. Plus, they make finding turmeric in a snap possible – no more digging through cabinets! It’s the perfect blend of practicality and pizzazz for those lovebirds who enjoy spicing things up in the kitchen. Browse through Lazada’s collection of magnetic spice jars and discover the ideal wedding gift for your friends.

How much should you spend on a wedding gift in the Philippines?

When it comes to how much you should spend on a gift for a Filipino wedding, this is where it gets tricky. Principal sponsors (i.e. ninongs and ninangs) are generally expected to give monetary gifts these days. Members of the entourage, as well as secondary sponsors, are expected to spend a little bit more than the average guest due to their closeness to the couple.

While custom dictates that the amount you spend on wedding gifts in the Philippines should roughly be the price of the meal plus however much the couple spent on wedding giveaways, you shouldn’t be pressured to give more than you feel comfortable. At the end of the day, what matters is that you put a lot of thought into your gift and that the couple will be able to use it in their daily lives.

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