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Say ‘I Do” in the Best Wedding Venues in the Philippines

Say ‘I Do” in the Best Wedding Venues in the Philippines

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Hey, lovebirds! Ready to turn the page to the next chapter of your love story? Now that you’ve found your forever someone, it’s time to curate the backdrop for the most magical day of your lives!

Enter the Philippines––a tropical paradise with vibrant sunsets, crystal-clear waters, and historical landmarks painted with a rich tapestry of Filipino culture. The country has a kaleidoscope of romantic locations, from centuries-old churches to secluded beaches and gardens, perfectly complementing your wedding theme.

So, before you say your ‘I Dos’, join us as we explore the best wedding venues the Philippines has to offer!

The Best Wedding Venues to Celebrate Your Marriage

To prepare you as we dive into the world of wedding venues, take a moment to think about these key questions:

  1. Are you looking for a cozy indoor space or do you want to get married in the scenic background of the outdoors?
  2. Will your wedding be an intimate or a grand affair?
  3. Do you want to exchange vows in the city or do you prefer the intimacy of a secluded destination?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re halfway to finding the perfect spot to celebrate your love. With that said, let’s explore the most enchanting wedding locations in the Philippines!


If you want to follow the classic wedding tradition and tie the knot in a church, there are tons of amazing church wedding venues waiting for you to check out:

san agustin church

  • San Agustin Church

First up on our wedding venue tour is none other than the iconic San Agustin Church in the heart of Manila.

Now, this place isn’t just any venue; it’s basically a time machine. Picture this: towering spires, ceilings so high they practically touch the heavens, and sculptures that awe you with baroque artistry. This centuries-old wonder isn’t just a church, it’s a journey through history, and your wedding could be the next chapter.

Imagine saying your vows surrounded by all this grandeur, making a commitment that’s as enduring as the church itself. It’s like stepping into a love story that’s been echoing through those walls for centuries. Your love, now part of the epic saga.

You can find the church in General Luna Street in Intramuros, Manila. If you have questions, you can visit their office in the parish or call their landline number at 8527-2746. Their office hours are from 8 am to 5 pm so it’s best to call or visit during that time.

  • St. James the Great Parish

For those seeking a divine ambiance with a touch of modern flair, St. James the Great Parish in Alabang is a hidden gem.

Don’t let its baroque-styled charm fool you. Despite looking like it’s been around since the Spanish era, this beauty is a newer kid on the block, built in 1993. Talk about a modern twist on timeless elegance! And guess what? St. James isn’t just a beautiful piece of architecture, it’s got a feel of exclusivity, thanks to its location, church guidelines, and its impressive capacity.

So, if you’re dreaming of a big, extravagant, and traditional wedding, St. James is your go-to parish. It combines the best of both worlds–contemporary design and a serene atmosphere that’s just waiting for your love story to unfold.

St. James the Great Parish is at the Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa City. Aside from visiting the church office, you can contact them through their office phone number 8807-1623, or email them at

  • Santuario de San Antonio

Nestled right in the heart of the bustling city jungle of Makati, Santuario de San Antonio is like a secret garden for your dream church wedding, with a hint of nature’s charm.

Like the San Agustin Church, Santuario de San Antonio was built at the end of World War II—aging like fine wine with its timeless beauty. Now, it stands in all its elegant glory, surrounded by the lush greeneries of upscale Forbes Park. It’s the ideal venue that’s both classy and down-to-earth.

If you’re up for a visit, head over to 3117 McKinley Rd, Makati City. To contact them, you can check out  Santuario de San Antonio’s official website for their complete information.

Picking the perfect wedding church is a bit like finding the right slice of cake–it’s all in the details! Think about the length of the aisle, your guests comfortably waiting in their seats, and how close it is to your reception location. These details? They’re the secret ingredient to crafting unforgettable wedding day memories for you and your loved ones. So, choose a church that’s not just a venue but a memory-making wonderland!

garden wedding


Choosing garden wedding venues for both the ceremony and reception is a hot pick for many couples nowadays. A few of the top choices in the list of garden places are:

  • Casa Grande Flora

First up, we’ve got Casa Grande Flora in Cavite–the kind of place where whimsy meets romance.

Imagine sprawling gardens, fragrant blooms, and a touch of magic, this venue promises a dreamlike setting for your vows. The well-manicured gardens at every corner of the space let you enjoy picturesque scenery. And to complete the wedding experience, they offer accommodations for a stress-free wedding day. Get ready to dance under the stars and let nature be your witness.

You can find Casa Grande Flora at Barangay Pulong Bunga in Silang, Cavite. To get in touch with them and find out more about their venue, you can visit Casa Grande Flora’s webpage.

  • Hill Creek Gardens

Next on the list, we’ve got Hill Creek Gardens, perched on the outskirts of Tagaytay. This place is basically a canvas painted with Mother Nature’s favorite hues.

It used to be a coffee plantation and a fancy private villa. Now? It’s the perfect spot for romantic celebrations! Whether you’re into outdoor ceremonies with blooming flowers or indoor parties with panoramic views, Hill Creek Gardens promises every moment as beautiful as your love story.

Hill Creek Gardens is at 134 Tagaytay – Alfonso Road in Cavite Province. Experience a 360 Tour on their page to check out the villa or to contact them.

  • La Faite Home and Country Garden

Last but not least, for a touch of rustic elegance, we’ve got La Faite Home and Country Garden in San Pedro. It’s a haven for couples who want to say their “I Dos” surrounded by nature’s beauty. Picture charming gardens, a cozy atmosphere, and all the feels for an intimate celebration filled with love and laughter.

Find them at Narra Road in San Pedro, Laguna. For inquiries, you can slide into their DMs on Facebook and Instagram.

Choosing a garden venue for your wedding celebration is a good choice if the theme you’re going for best complements the flourishing greeneries of gardens. If you’re the type of couple that enjoys the outdoors, this can be a great place to celebrate your tying the knot.

small intimate venue

Small or Intimate Venues

If you want a smaller wedding party—choosing to celebrate with only those closest to you, there are intimate wedding venues that can be your ideal location. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • The Mango Farm

Who says big love needs a grand stage? Not these guys! Imagine the “countryside” charm, natural landscapes as far as the eye can see, and an intimate pavilion space that’s just perfect for you and your nearest and dearest. It’s like a cozy haven where love takes center stage.

Plus The Mango Farm’s accommodation is all about giving you options! Either reserve just the venue or go all out with their catering packages, they give you free rein on how to plan your celebration. If you wanna bring in your own dream team of suppliers, it’s totally doable!

Find the venue in Cainta, Rizal, providing the perfect getaway from the city hustle. For all the deets, rates, and a direct line for inquiries, visit The Mango Farm’s official page.

  • Cafe by the Ruins

Now, let’s head to the cool mountains of Baguio City, where Cafe by the Ruins is waiting to make your intimate celebration extra cozy and unique. Imagine saying ‘I Do’ surrounded by the scent of pine trees, a gentle breeze, and the warm embrace of love. It’s like a romantic movie, but better!

If you want to visit their place, Cafe by the Ruins is on Shuntug Road in Baguio City. Check out their socials or hit them at 09279574174 or

  • Circa 1900

And last but definitely not least, we’ve got Circa 1900 in Cebu City, where history meets modern sophistication.

Previously the ancestral homes of the Castillo and Jereza families, Chef Steve and Eya Shrimski turned the colonial houses in the compound into restaurants celebrating the local ingredients and cuisines of Cebu. As they went through the transformation of the spaces, they worked hard to preserve the compound’s original structure and materials to retain the authenticity of its design.

This place is all about that intimate celebration with a touch of class. Think timeless architecture, vibrant surroundings, and a romantic atmosphere that sets the perfect stage for your love-filled day.

The Circa 1900 compound is at Gorodo Avenue in Lahug, Cebu City. Take a peek at their spaces and menus on Circa 1900’s official website.

So, if you’re a couple who loves the idea of a close and personal celebration, these cozy venues are calling your names. Your love story deserves a setting as special as the two of you!


If you’re a beach-loving couple, get ready to dive into the dreamiest wedding places in the Philippines has to offer. Since the country is a tropical paradise known for its stunning beaches, another popular choice for romantic celebrations is beach-front resorts or hotels. A few romantic choices for your wedding are:

el nido resorts

  • El Nido Resorts in Lagen Island

In the exotic paradise of Palawan, we’ve got El Nido Resorts in Lagen Island, where your wedding turns into a full-blown adventure.

Picture tying the know surrounded by lush forests, pristine beaches, and maybe a local bird or two. Since the place is an eco-sanctuary nestled in Bacuit Bay’s islets and islands, you may find yourself saying ‘I Do’ with a few local animals as your witness. So, if you’re daring at heart and wish to celebrate your union by nature’s grandeur, this is definitely your spot.

To check out the resort, take a virtual tour on El Nido Resorts’ website – all the resort details are right there!

  • Mithi Resort and Spa

Next on our list of elegant beachfront venues is Mithi Resort and Spa in Bohol. With white sand, turquoise waters, and the promise of forever–it’s not just a beach, it’s the perfect setting to celebrate your love.

The name “Mithi” literally means your earnest wish, and here in their resort, you can turn your dream wedding into reality surrounded by the luxurious paradise of Bohol. With deluxe spaces, elegant amenities, and the breathtaking beauty of Panglao Island, your wedding becomes a celebration against the backdrop of pure magic.

Check out Mithi’s webpage to learn more about their event spaces and contact details.

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church wedding venue

shangri la boracay

  • Shangri-La Boracay

On the pristine shores of Aklan, Shangri-La Boracay sets the stage for a destination wedding that’s both luxurious and exotic. Think white powder beaches, crystal blue waters, and an atmosphere that screams vibrant celebration.

Nature lovers, rejoice–there’s a hilly landscape and wildlife sanctuaries to explore! With beachfront venues and world-class amenities, Shangri-La Boracay promises a celebration in a tropical paradise. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by upscale and majestic views, with friends and family by your side.

Head over to Shangri-la Boracay’s page to check out the resort and its available spaces for your romantic celebration.

Marrying the love of your life by the beach is a great setting to bask in romance and create everlasting memories. Nothing beats the exchange of vows against sandy beaches, clear waters, and the stunning sunset of the Philippine Sea.

Unique Wedding Venues

If you’re a couple who enjoys rare experiences in unconventional places, we’re venturing into some seriously unique wedding venues that are anything but ordinary!

callao church in callao cave

  • Callao Cave

First off, let’s talk about Callao Cave up in the northern reaches of Cagayan.

Imagine crossing the serene waters of Pinacanauan River to arrive at a cave with seven chambers, each with its own jaw-dropping features. The chamber called the “Divine Room” is where the magic happens–acting like nature’s own wedding chapel with high ceilings and limestone cave formations. Picture it: saying your ‘I Dos’ in a place that’s straight out of a mystical fairy tale.

To make this dreamy cave wedding happen, you have to coordinate with the municipality of Cagayan and their church. You can visit the local office of the Department of Tourism on the 2nd floor of their supermarket at Bonifacio Street, Tuguegarao City. You can also call the office at 8844-1621.

Basco Lighthouse

  • Basco Lighthouse

In the northernmost paradise of Batanes, tie the knot against the cliffside views of the mountains and the famous Basco Lighthouse.

This hill used to be home to the late Chieftain Boyas and a small pre-colonial Ivatan community. Despite the historical remnants, it’s now a spot where the lighthouse guides seafarers and steals the show as a tourist attraction. Your love story against the romantic landscapes of Batanes? Now that’s what we call an exploration of love in a truly unique setting.

Find the Basco Lighthouse in the Basco town proper in Batanes. To book this extraordinary spot for your wedding celebration, you can set reservations through two local agencies: Batanes Wedding and Events by IBS or Batanes Travel and Tours.

  • The Party Yacht – Manila

And now, for all you dreamers out there, explore The Party Yacht in Manila–where your wedding not only floats but makes waves!

Celebrate your love aboard The Party Yacht Manila, where your ceremony and reception become an unforgettable journey across Manila Bay. Marry the love of your life against the backdrop of the city lights, feeling the gentle sway of the yacht as you dance the night away under the starlit sky.

If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, check out Party Yacht’s available wedding packages on their official website. Let their team of experts help you choose the type of yacht befitting the theme of your wedding.

So there you have it! From mystical caves to cliffside lighthouses and party yachts, these unique wedding venues are all about turning your special day into an unforgettable journey.

wedding venue

Choosing the Perfect Location

Now that you’ve taken a whirlwind tour of the most incredible wedding venues in the Philippines, it’s time for the ultimate decision–choosing the perfect location for your love story. Whether you’re envisioning a ceremony in a historic church, a beachside extravaganza, or a unique adventure, the Philippines has it all.

Your wedding venue is more than just a setting for an event, it’s the backdrop on which your love story unfolds. So, lovebirds, as you contemplate the options, remember that the best venue is the one that resonates with your hearts, reflects your unique love, and sets the stage for a celebration that is authentically you.

Cheers to love, laughter, and a lifetime of happily ever after in the Philippines–where dreams come true, and every love story finds its perfect venue. So, go ahead, pick your venue, and let the adventure begin. Here’s to your extraordinary love and the breathtaking places that will forever hold a piece of your hearts!


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