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Guide to Perfecting the Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Trend

Guide to Perfecting the Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Trend

mismatched bridesmaid dresses

In the past years, we’ve seen bridesmaids in dresses of identical colors and styles, but lately, a new trend is emerging – mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Mismatched dresses allow bridesmaids to choose gowns that complement their respective styles, which in turn, can create a unique look for your wedding.

Of course, mismatched dresses for bridesmaids come with challenges. If not done right, colors can clash and distract guests from the center of the day, the bride. So, if you’re eyeing the mismatched style for your entourage, let’s get on with the tips to make sure you get it right.

Tips for Pulling Off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Follow Your Wedding Theme

Your whole wedding revolves around the theme you painstakingly chose. So, it only makes sense that your mismatched bridesmaids also follow the theme. This will help ensure that your entourage blends or complements your whole theme.

If your theme is rustic-, bohemian-, or garden party-inspired, structured glam dresses will feel out of line, but floral and pastel-colored dresses will be flawless.

mismatched gowns

Tie Everything with a Common Element

The key to mismatched gowns is having an element to tie everything together. It could be a common color palette, material, or silhouette. The unifying element could also be a unique detail such as a standout accessory or bold wedding makeup ideas.

Pick a Dominant Color

A simple way to maintain a cohesive look for your bridesmaids is to establish a color motif. Bridesmaids don’t need to wear the same shade – they can wear different tones of your color motif or wear the color as a print or design. If the motif is predominantly present in the dress, it can be part of your entourage.

Pick Colors that Complement Each Other

One way to mix up your bridesmaid’s dresses is to select complementary colors. This way, your bridesmaid’s dresses remain unique yet will complement each other.

For this tip, all you need is a color wheel. Start with your main wedding color and see which color combinations you like. Here are a few pairings:

  • Complementary colors – colors sitting opposite each other in the color wheel create an interesting contrast.
  • Analogous colors – a set of three colors sitting next to each other create ensure harmony in your color scheme.
  • Split complementary colors – three sets of colors where you use a primary color and the two colors sitting next to its complement pair.
  • Triadic colors – three colors equally distributed in the color wheel create interesting combinations.


Don’t be Afraid to Mix and Match Textures and Prints

So far, we’ve focused on color, but another way to add character to your bridesmaids’ dresses is to play with different prints and materials that are, ideally, in complementary colors to maintain harmony.

By opening the options to different materials, your bridesmaids have more freedom to express their unique styles. We’re sure you have bridesmaids whose essences fit velvet, satin, floral prints, or sequined dresses.

Different textures and prints also work well in photos. You can select mismatched bridesmaid gowns to create variety and balance in your pictures.

Limit Style Variations

One mistake to watch out for is overdoing the variety in your bridesmaids’ dresses. It’s best to limit the variations to just one or two things. Otherwise, you risk making your entourage seem messy and uncoordinated.

For example, you can have dresses of complementary colors and prints but in identical or similar silhouettes. Conversely, you can have dresses in different silhouettes and styles but in the same color motif. Another possibility is to choose one dress style in different pastel colors.

checking the hemline

Be Mindful of Hemlines

Don’t forget to discuss hemlines with your bridesmaids. Make sure hemlines are well-coordinated – whether everyone should wear one length or who will wear midi and floor-length dresses. If you want variety in hemlines, make sure there is a good balance, so your group looks good together in photos.

Start with a Vision Board

Now that you know the most relevant considerations for the mismatched trend, the next most important thing to do is start a vision board. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the options and overdo this trend, so it’s important to establish the parameters for what you imagine your entourage to look like on your wedding day.

Pick the elements you want to be fixed and which ones to vary. Specify your colors, dress styles, and the overall vibe.

Having a vision helps make sure that your bridesmaids know what aspects they can change and what must be fixed, so they know what to look for in a dress.

bride talking to bridesmaids about their gown

Discuss Everything with Your Bridesmaids

Of course, take the time to discuss your vision with your bridesmaids. Be specific; share your vision board of mismatched bridesmaid looks and provide color swatches if that’s available.

If you’re varying hemlines, specify or discuss who will wear which lengths. The same goes for different prints and colors.

It’s important to communicate everything clearly so your bridesmaids can meet your expectations and you secure your picture-perfect wedding.

Ideas for Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re still a little lost, don’t worry. We’ve got some examples of how you can mix and match your bridesmaids’ dresses:

different dresses with same color

Different Styles in the Same Color

Let’s start with a subtle mismatched theme: different styles, lengths, and even materials, but the same color or similar prints.

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The theme offers slight variety to make things interesting and allows the bridesmaids to pick a dress style that complements their body type. But it keeps the mismatched element manageable since the color ensures cohesiveness among all members of the entourage.

Ombre Colors

Another safe idea is using a monochromatic color palette, meaning each bridesmaid wears a different tint of your color motif.

This style makes selecting color combinations simpler. You can combine different dress styles or mix one or two floral prints with plain dresses.

You may even incorporate the mother of the bride’s dress in the color palette – she can wear one of the darker shades in your color palette.

bridesmaid dresses with bold colors

Go Bold

For more fashion-forward brides, combining complementary bold hues can be a great way to add pops of color to your entourage’s looks. Let your bridesmaids show off their personal styles with colors that bring out their best features.

Just make sure that this style’s boldness complements your overall wedding theme!

Garden Party Theme

For most brides who opted for a soft, romantic wedding vibe, it may be easier to incorporate a garden party theme. Dresses for a mismatched garden party theme may include floral dresses, pastel colors, ruffles, and airy silhouettes – perfect for outdoor weddings.

Solid Colors with Embellished Dresses

Another way to inject a mismatched vibe is to ask a few bridesmaids to choose dresses with embellishments. Though they wear the same colors, the embellishments add a shimmery accent to your lineup of bridesmaids.

bride with her bridesmaids

Plan Your Perfectly Imperfect Wedding

Embrace your wedding party’s individuality on your wedding day and, in doing so, add character to your wedding with mismatched dresses for your bridesmaids. Follow our tips and be inspired by our examples but don’t be afraid to experiment and put your spin on this trend.

Explore to find more inspirations and tips to help you plan a one-of-a-kind wedding.

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